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Important Notice on the Abuse and Fraudulent Usage of Blackwell Global Name

It has come to the attention of Blackwell Global that the brand name and the subsidiaries of Blackwell Global are being fraudulently used to tout business transactions in which Blackwell Global is not involved whatsoever.

Do note that the name of Blackwell Global’s subsidiary – Blackwell Trust – has been used fraudulently by Jarvinia Holdings Ltd to promote financial products in terms of yearly fixed incomes and to request for unauthorised money transactions to HSBC Hong Kong, with Jarvinia Holding Ltd as the beneficiary.

Existing clients and members of the public are hereby cautioned that the information and services provided by Jarvinia Holdings Ltd is absolutely false, misleading and has intent to defraud innocent and unwary members of the public. Neither Blackwell Global, Blackwell Trust nor any of its other subsidiaries have any connection whatsoever with the aforesaid Jarvinia Holdings Ltd.

Blackwell Global is initiating appropriate action in this matter.

Please refer to Blackwell Trader’s Company News page for the latest updates on Blackwell Global’s activities and developments.